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                               Impact Statement of Care Proceedings

The purpose of our Impact Statement is to show the true impact on individual affected by Forced Adoption. Our hope is for the the United Kingdom Government to recognize the human atrocities it has been undertaking on children and their families since 1989 in the name of “in the best interests of the child” and to prosecute those professionals found guilty of perjury, falsification of records and for the destruction of human dignity and family units of those affected by their actions.

This Impact Statement is aimed at individuals and families directly affected by the UK Social Services and Secret Family Courts, and is for the sole purpose of preparing a case to be submitted to the House of Commons and the Prime Minister for a call for the UK Government to hold a full enquiry and offer an apology for the forced removal of children by the state.


This form is for you if you are one of the following:

Adoptee, Adopter, Parent of removed child, Care Leaver, Brother/Sister of removed child, Grandparent of removed child, family member or other

………..and have been affected by forced adoptions or care proceedings that has resulted in a child being forcibly removed because of false allegations of, for example:

NAI - Non Accidental Injuries

Risk of future emotional harm

Physical or Sexual Abuse

Medical Neglect


Mental or Physical Health Issues

If you have managed to fight off the forced adoption of your child, we would like to hear from you as well please.

Please click the download button below to save and print the information pack. (This will save it directly to your machine). Once you have completed the form and followed the instructions on Page 3, please post the form and any relevant documents to our address on the upper right hand side of this screen. If you would like us to post you the forms, please email us with your contact details.

Please note:

You will not be able to complete or submit this form online and it must be notarised, this could either be a notary, General Practitioner or your Member of Parliament.



             (This has been extended due to allowances for submissions for those                                    currently in proceedings post recent legislative changes)

                                          Thank you in advance

Psychological Issues Faced by Adopted Children and Adults.pdf
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