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   What is happening to all of our children?


 Australia apologizes……Here  (Written Declaration)

 Ireland calls for a probe into forced adoption ….Here

 Sweden and Nordic Countries Officials acknowledge the problem… Here

 Slovak Government fights against  it…… Here

 The French are reporting about it …….  Here    (English translation)

 Belgium is reporting it …… Here   (English translation)

 India protests about it ……. Here

 The BRITISH Government must acknowledge they have a problem ,

 fix it, apologize and have in place a support mechanism for those affected!

 We are asking for anyone personally affected by the wrongful forced   removal of children to complete and submit a Victims Impact Statement.   We hope to compile enough data to submit to No.10 Downing Street to   show the impact of the governments children’s social care system is   having on those whom it has directly affected.

  We will also be rolling out a Victims Support Service for people affected   by  the forced removal of their children on the basis of false allegations.

  To know more please go to our Support page.

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