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 Australia apologizes (19/09/2012)……Here  (Written Declaration)

 Ireland calls for a probe into forced adoption (23/03/2013)….Here

 Sweden/Nordic Countries acknowledge problem (10/12/2012)… Here

 Slovak Government fights against  it (18/09/2012)…… Here

 The French are reporting about it (2012)…….   (English translation)

 Belgium is reporting it (01/02/2013)…… Here   (English translation)

  India protests about it (Oct 2012)……. Here

 Even the Council of Europe is concerned (Jan 2015)……..Here

 Strasbourg - Human Rights Court Rules Forced Adoption breaches

     Right to Family Life  (27/05/2019) ……  Here   (Judgement)

The BRITISH Government must acknowledge they have a problem ,

fix it, apologize and have in place a support mechanism for those affected!

This practice can no longer be ignored and left unchecked. Thousands of children and families are being wrongly and adversely affected with no support being offered to either to help with the trauma. Instead, the government is pushing ahead for more adoptions.  

The wider public remain largely  unaware of these practices due to the courts overwhelming need for these cases to be held in private and families are subjected to injunctions from discussing or releasing any  information relating to their cases.  Many parents have spoken out and have face imprisonment as a result, and again, many of these committal cases are withheld from public scrutiny.

Professionals within child protection are being protected by the secrecy of the courts and are not subject to prosecution.  Victims have simply nowhere to turn to for help.

We can only help prevent this by you knowing about it and talking to all around you about it.  Support the protests and don’t believe all the government hype around adoption.



           (Adoption Without Consent)

        A finer definition can be found on Wikipedia